.i am gadis desa.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

ska fest,noisy studio,ampang

gig;ska fest

vanue;noisy studio,ampang

sgt BEST



walking tro' sweet memories of sri iskandar ;)

here the story begin ;)
kanda came to sri iskandar n we went to jalan2
hee...so much fun time
i love that moment
we went to LUMUT!
OMG ALLAH,romantik ok
dnt be so jelez,,aha

hell yes
this is the most popular kfc in sri iskandar
(coz this is d only one fast food here)
having a lunch at mamak sblh bt lepak2 here
tggu bus to kl...hee
i miss u dear

not too forgotten,
this is the 1st time he came to my studio
'him' look too jelez wif our happiness
served u rite bangang
hhaha,xbek kutok.
hey abang,watch out..im jelez
jgn ngade2 ngan gurl len


i love you kanda ;)

let me kno smthing..aha,IM HOME!!

at last ya...theres a lot of things to tell about...

the latest one,i read that bitch's blog....i was drowning again

she need mohamad again

wut the hell r u talking about gemok!!



sgt skt bdn dan ngantok ye


td mkn steamboat ngan ayah

sdp sbb da lame xjumpe kat sri iskandar...hahah

n ak mkn byk dr ayah

amzing...cm kecik2 dlu :D

mish dat moment



wanna hav sleep la



thanx 4 jalan2 honey ;)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the anorexia

hahahahahahah...at last,the anorexia is formed wif 5 members....not bad la coz vocalist dye sore sdp juge ;)
all best wishes to all of you guz ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

ape lg yg perlu ak taw??

sudah lah..

im tired..

im frusted

im sick of everything..

im hurt

Sunday, April 11, 2010


there a lot of probs i hav to face it alone..
friends,love,relation.heart...even myself...
i dnt kno how to stat 1st to tell you..
i have 3 good rummies at 1st..bt till now,they seem like hate me...
perhaps i didnt going back to my room since a month a go..
yes i do..i got a lot of works to complete wif my fren,,,
i on final now...hope all of u understand...i need a fren who can care 4 me..
yes i found them..kak nor n zeera...thanx 4 being my fren..
about love...
its too complicated..
syahman love me..i love him too...
i try to avoid this feeling..bt i cant..
in fact i love him...n his mum already known me...
she is very nice to me..thanx ummi..
u makes me feel that i hav a mum..
to him,i kno u love me...bt it is not enough then when ur heart still belongs to someone else..
yes u do..dnt deny it..i can feel u as much as u feel me..
we can be just a fren...4 ever n ever..
forgive me since we 1st met at studio...
u r very nice to me...
but still we cant be together...no faith together..
plez understand me..go back to ur engku nabila..shes better than me 4 u..
to kakdik,sory 4 everything....theres no words to describe then...
that fon are too expensive 4 me..yes i realized it..bt,it is very useful too..
i hope u understand...send my regard to ayah...
n pray 4 me...4 my final..

last but not least,im seek 4 4giveness to all who kno me...
after this,i try not to post somthing weird or hurt anyone..
but still,who those still talkng bout me..stop doing that..
allah knows everything...n he can destroy anyone all the time..
so plez dnt makes me open my mouth n say smthing bad to you

Thursday, April 8, 2010

super woman!

katenye padaku..yes ofcoz i am...
haih,gonna hav a new fon n my laptop seems like ger...
i dnt want to say it!!
lately,my health disturbing myself...headache,stomachache...n so whateverlah...
da malas nak amek taw...be an owl 4 many days ..
later on la i continue...
jap lg oral test,gudluck 4 yanie ;))