.i am gadis desa.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sleeping beauty :)

huh,lately my health a little bit prob...headache,stomachache...perhaps i need to sleep..

so,lastnight..from 8 pm, hugging my bucuk blue pillow..i fall asleep at last..huhu,sory fahmi. i xdpt tmn u g studio..got too tired ok! so.another story is,ofcoz my work xsiap..hehe..pg td seb bek dye call i kol 7,and i jumped to my bed and on my babies laptop..haha..*gedik gile..i nak pggl u DIANA la..hehe..so smpt la research sal cik azrul nak tu..then at 8.40 i went to studio


guess what?ade quiz plak da..

egt kan ari rabu, da r sepatah haram pon xbace..*sigh

hopefully not too bad

hehe,currently missing him..
syame ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

i cant let you go

cant let you go ;(

our memories always drum in my head

ipoh prade and jj ipoh :)

mke gile ceriekan,,hehe

ini ladies ipoh prade :D

pose gedik abis :P

pulang ke pangkuan bilik :P

cinta sempurna :)

aku manusia lemah,
selalu terjatuh berbeza aku darimu,
kau berdiri teguh,
aku seperti ada,
aku kekurangan
dan bila sedar
aku hilang dari kewujudan....

SEMPURnya sifatmu,
TULUSnya hatimu,
JUJURnya niatmu,
TINGGInya kesabaranmu...
lepaskanlah diriku,
kerna aku xmampu tuk menanggung sebuah CINTA SEMPURNA...

cintamu sgt sempurna untuk ku...

lepaskan aku...aku bukan untuk mu ;((

Saturday, January 23, 2010

gud day and bad day

OMGA! nearly 2days i can excess to my blog...stuck on blogging..my connection was suck ok! huh,i dnt kno ceruk where i live..BANDAR SRI ISKANDAR or common name is BOTA or..urm...i dnt kno la..haha..theres so many name people called..and fuck off..there are supernova assingment i have to finish and submit on thusday...that is one of the reason why i dnt have so much time to blog..anyway,i there are some stories happend tro'out the day..urgh..on wednesday evening,i got the approval fom CIK ZULAZRI *the monster one..then that night i started to trace and redraw based on questions given by PN SUE...guess what? i fall asleep that heaven nyte and ngan senang lenang gile ak tdo nyenyak nye kt lantai..next morning,my roommies said;
yani wake up..its 7.45 right now... kaw taw ape rase bile keje yg boley siapkan one nyte xsiap lg and you have to submit on 2 pm??????? then, i told to my self; keep cool yanie..you can do it..slowly i grab my green towel and take a bath..smbil mandi ak mengenang nasib sebenarnye..hahaahha..then slowly gk ak siap...

it seem like berserahkan..hahahah..mmg pon..haih,gile pe pg tu xsiap lg,,da r ade english cls taht morning..so ape lg..time sir ngaja ak siapkan..and alhamdulillah..im statisfied wif my work..*bkn sbb afnan tlg ok..hehe..tik tik tik,my BLUE SWATCH showed 2 pm...then pn sue came and grab our assigment..OMGA..only god knows hao mad she was when she look up at our drawing..i start to nervous,my heart beat become dup dap dup dap faster and faster...sweat start to leleh..haha..she called one by one..she start to pull to pieces..hahahahahaha...ak takot sial!!! then......


ini lukisannye..

ape ni yanie...ni da ok..cantik..ni ape?huh...sblh ni fail..cmne nak stand bile xde...blalalala...aduh,,

but, my face became bercahaye2 when she took out my drawing and seperately wif other,,its mean my drawing ok la..i started to smile...tp...

there is another story to tell about ;(

our drawing had thrown away to the dusbin outside our studio..
huh,,we have to redo ok!
submit on monday..

today,im just come back from lawatan to taman batu gajah..we were introduce to pokok2..fucking shit hell tired... my leg gile krem n tegang coz smlm i had heavy training in silat..But....one thing ill never forget..

pic ni snap time tggu dak2 silat len dtg

just me and you...

i think i start to sayang kaw!
and syahman...he start to act weirdly..i dnt kno y..perhaps he missed me..

perhaps la kan..haha..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

burn till midnyte oil

lastnyte ak buat keje kat bilik jer..ye r..studio ade clz...cian gle kat apai,xmkn2 siap kan lettering..seb bek ak ade beli roti pita kat pasar malam dpn kolej ak ni..tu pon da lmbt ak g..koko abis lmbt..mlm tu abih je clz dye dtg cemare..mke dye gile pnt..haha,lame gk ak tggu dye n mek dtg..so si cameraholic ni pon snap la pic sndr..pki sweather dya tu..hehe..muat ok :P
guess whut??haha..sleep at 6 in the morning..hehe..sbb pe?keje xsiap..lalala..
drefting keje yg sgt complicated ok! pnt sgt2...td da submit,,,tu pon keje hancur...fail rasenye..

after that,smbil buat keje...ak on9 fb..and ak ade update status ni; everything is FAKE! you are damn liar and i am fool beleiver...so both of us are the stupidest people in world'....tetibe meen ade komen; i like ur phrase'....hahaha,dalam aty ak...do i care?? :P hahahah...then ak rase cm nak buat sdikit anjakan paradigma :P so ak ade buat binatang ini..haha..just tok memorize me all the time!

*shit...dye nak marah ak sal status tu...sape suwo kaw terasa..bengong..haha

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

stOp aSking the anNoying bastared Question fatin!

im telling you bout someone...sory have tu kutok ko..
tp perangai ko mmg cm sial..dr pg ak g kelas ade je bnd yg kaw xpwas aty..
every single things i wear,ko mst nak taw jename pe kan..
da la zara yg ori n yg x pon kaw xknl..
hahahah,so funny ok..nak bajet mnh up yg bodoh!
success pon kaw salah pronouns...ape daa
nmpak sgt kaw BODOH!
hahahaha...neway,keje kaw mmg bagos...al maklumlah skandal2 yg byk tlg..
xpe2,baru 1st assgment...kaw ade 10 lg weh..hahahha..
exam kaw mst hampeh kan,coz u r not able to memorize even one name pon..
so kaw pepaham je la bile ak da anti kaw
siap kaw!

submission date!

the assigment is not finish yet!
cmne ni?nak xnak i have to finish it last nyte..smpi tetdo2..xsiap gk at last..
ah,english class i done my work..haha..da r kne public speaking..
dan..the time is come..masok2 clz je,pn sue suwo submit keje..then cik li cek satu2...adoyai,i guess it..melayang A2 ak atas lantai studio...latering ak hancur..lukisan je ok..apai da pesan suwo buat elok2..tp kan da xsmpt..dye xpe r xtdo smlm..ak tetdo nyenyak gile.. then dpt lg satu assgment..pergh..gile stress..smpi la ak jd serabai cmni arini..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

aktiviti today tergendala ;((

today i should to ipoh..i need a white gloove for my brass band..but OMGA,rent car is fully book,so i decided to finish my work at studio jer..im so stress out when my fren have finish 60% of their drawing..ergh...what should i do???gile tension...at 5 my stomach start to misscall..haha,ayat kamu putra..i really miss the momment wif you..ok,going back to our topic,he asked me out and we have dinner together...he made my day :)) .... i dnt kno what to do..so i guess i want to ask you something..,but..he is fucking bored and always crictic on what you do..and,one person who is really concern about you...willing to do anything for you..so what should you do?haha..please tell me the answer.. :P
ok la..i nak continue my work kat floor..here are some pic taken by me..drawn by my friend,nana.take a look ya..my profession..LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT

new looks :))

take my new looks..actually da 2 mggu ak buat rambut baru
tp skunk baru upload pic ni..hehe..
comey x?
hehehehe..perasan sial :P

malam kebudayaan [minggu mesra kolej]

ak benci pic ni!asal mke ak cm meen??

smlm ak kne perform..kne buat musical teater p.ramlee..haha,it s so funny ok..ah,no need to story..u will laughing at me jer..laughing my ass off :P ....tp smlm mmg best la..enjoy even keje belambak gle..pg2 apai da call; "syg..bgn..g studio jom" ...and then i took my bath..having a breakfast together..ngan dya kat uptown..gile pagi ak buat keje..pergh..then dlm kol 11 ktorg ade futsal..ofcoz my team mng ok..hehe,tgk la sape midfield nye :P ...tp mke ak da burn so badly ;(
neway..smlm pas abih teater tu,ak g basuh baju yg sgt belambak nak mampus.. after that g men badminton till 2 am ok..haha..time tu ade la sekor kucing ni dok men sorg2..tp nak jdkan cte,dye nak men ngan ak kot...im shocked when he run toward me..and im fucking cruel enough to smash that cat ngan my racket..OMG ALLAH,pity you..but,ak ade snap pic kucing tu sbb dye duduk comey sgt atas tembok..cm manusia lak..take a look..

my fren ain said; yanie..dnt snap the pic of the cat,the flash will kill that cat..r u believe on that taboo?haih,,i dnt kno la..if another 2 days the cat disappered,so..lalala..
im not a cat muderer!help me.


i am addicted to GaGa

i want you so!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

coming soon..er..ape ye??



acoustic guitar

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1st week aktiviti kat uitm

dnt HATE me cause im BEAUTIFUL!

starting this week,im quite bz wif the assigment given by my lecturer...plg best,i am a mama rap..hahha..i mean is i am a headgurl here..so my schedule bertambah hectic ok..hell yes i have to wake up early everyday..you kno why?from my college to my studio it takes half an hour!

ni my faculty,dr blkg r

dr dpn cntik gle

owh shit...gile jauh...pg2 ok lg...sunshine pagi la katekan...can u imagine kol 1 noon g clz...carrying a long t-squre,port folia bag A2...3kg toolbox...OMG Allah..but sometimes i have a mad :P apai..my headboy and perhaps my scandal..opss(terlebih sudah)...they said our looks are sgt same ye..i am his sister,and he is my brother..i dnt understand gk tang mane same tu..tp ok la...agak same..plus,dye mcm zul ;(......sometimes,im missing zul so much...but i have to end our relation...u desearve better than me la..i got something yg tol2 xdpt lari..i xnak u susah sbb i..neway,thanx 4 the love and friendship..u r always b there when i need u..talking bout scandal, my lecturer try to flirt me..eww...if jantan tulin xpe gk...ni patah...aduh,asal la rmi gile pondan kat cny..taw la bdk2 fesyen designer..hehehe..xpe2...sdp cket dpt markah lebey nnt.. :D

koko cny wajib,xcam kat uia dlu...just focusing on academic,but here...uitm decided to grad wif 2 certificate,one of them is our diploma/degree..and one more is softskill..kokorikulum included this sofskill..hahha,da ler ak masok brass band..menatang ape ak nak men pon xtaw la..guitar baru je nak blaja men..keyboard pon jari dok kaku lg..hish..gedik,tp fun r..silat still go on ok...wah,gile aktif ak kat cny,plus...teather pon ak join.. :P hehehe..rasenye stakat tu je ak nak cte..ade clz jap g ni..neway,tgk la rmbut baru ak..:P