.i am gadis desa.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

haha..it awesome bebeh ;)

plus yesterday,i was being an owl for 5 days..believed or not?
it all up to you to believed it or not..huh...that was so hectic schedule,very hot sunny day,
but now,the rain is falling down..falling down..haha..kanak2 rebina...but ;( i cant go out to photocopy my pic 4 the last last drawing..
what??last one?
huh,i have to all out in this drawing..but how come in one nyte i can draw nicely..*sigh
but,lately...my rezeki was so good la..my drawing..heee ;)
and i got a new project...kolaj..huh..but still i have to handle my senandung and dinner 4 my college..huh..be a mc doest look easy as piece of a cake...
neway,i forgot to call him again...hee...sory dear..


Friday, February 19, 2010

dad..i need.........

currently; rm1000
and i need...errr...?
  • new purse- below 150 (seed/mng/nose/esprit)
  • new jeans- below 200 (gap/padini/romp)
  • clucth-60 (nose)

so total up; rm410-rm1000=rm590

saving 2oo 4 new phone