.i am gadis desa.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

walking tro' sweet memories of sri iskandar ;)

here the story begin ;)
kanda came to sri iskandar n we went to jalan2
hee...so much fun time
i love that moment
we went to LUMUT!
OMG ALLAH,romantik ok
dnt be so jelez,,aha

hell yes
this is the most popular kfc in sri iskandar
(coz this is d only one fast food here)
having a lunch at mamak sblh bt lepak2 here
tggu bus to kl...hee
i miss u dear

not too forgotten,
this is the 1st time he came to my studio
'him' look too jelez wif our happiness
served u rite bangang
hhaha,xbek kutok.
hey abang,watch out..im jelez
jgn ngade2 ngan gurl len


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